Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.
-Abraham Lincoln
Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon, research engineer & sound designer

I learned so much from the Internet, and I still do every day. It is amazing to realize how many high quality resources are available, free, just a few keywords and clicks away (thank you Google). We do live in an exciting era of shared and easily-accessible knowledge. However, one easily forgets that those resources do not come about spontaneously, and are the result of passionate and knowledgeable people, giving a lot of their free time to the community. When I realized this, the time had come for me to pay back...

Internet's largest collection of Online Sound Tests started in 2007. Over the years, it has become a treasure trove of information for audio enthusiasts. As of today, offers the largest collection of online sound tests and audio test tones on the Internet. Each page is designed to be concise, easy to read, simple to understand, yet always scientifically correct. This particular combination makes AudioCheck appealing for both novices and experts: the former are using AudioCheck pages to grasp a better understanding of audio principles; the latter are bookmarking our site as one of the best repositories of sound test-related audio files available online. Each month, the site serves 100,000+ unique visitors.

The Ultimate Online Noise Generator started in 2013, and offers a unique collection of online noise generators shaped to the listener's hearing thresholds. Noise generators have many uses, from sound masking to hearing therapy. is the only place on the Internet where one can produce true Grey noise online. Each month, the site serves 250,000+ unique visitors.

The White Noise Playlist

The White Noise Playlist started in 2024, originated from an observation: white noise playlists offered by streaming platforms, are often made up by brief and disjointed audio tracks. This strategy maximizes plays and revenue for their publishers, resulting in a less than ideal auditory experience for you, the user. The White Noise Playlist does things differently. We make your listening experience the priority. By offering extended, uninterrupted noises, we ensure that you can you can focus on what you're doing without any interruptions. And the best part? You can switch tracks whenever you want, not when someone else decides.

World's Most Relaxing Music Generator started in 2016. Like the colors of a chameleon, the sounds you hear on Calmy Leon slowly change over time, and are ideal to calm down or meditate.

Online Hearing Test and Audiogram Printout was an immediate success when it started in 2013, as an independant and reliable online tool to assess one's hearing. This site implements one of the best - if not the best - online hearing tests available on the Internet, thanks to its unique calibration trick. This test is now being used by many hearing care services around the world.

Professional Online Test Tone Generator started in 2012 and offers not only the best audio frequency signal generator on the Internet, but also a high-end sound generator, which compares favorably to the more expensive software and hardware tone generators. It excels in producing custom and application-specific, test tones, and is used by professional audio engineers around the world.

Natural Rain Noise Generator started in 2015, and offers the most realistic rain noise sound engine, available on the internet.

Brainwave Entrainement

Brainaural started in 2017. It's a sonic brain hacking tool, capable of producing the widest range of brainwaves modulations available on the Internet at the moment.

Internet adopted a cat!

Purrli started in 2017 and tries to recreate both the sound and the presence of your very own virtual cat through a custom sound engine modelled after real purrs. In its first month of presence, the site served 500k visitors. The Internet loves cats, indeed!