Good is not good enough.
-Stéphane Pigeon
Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon, research engineer & sound designer
Apart from my part-time researcher position at the Belgian Defense, I enjoy teaming up as a freelance/consultant on external projects related to digital audio processing. Feel free to contact me if you see any opportunity to team up together in any sound processing project of yours. I am always looking forward not only to giving a hand, but to learning new areas of research related to my domain of interest and expertise: sound and audio signals.

Roland Corporation • Japan

Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments. I've been involved in:

  • Sound design and programming
  • Sampling and studio recording sessions
  • Waveform processing
  • Synthesizer specifications, development and reviewing
  • Sound design team management
  • Demonstrations and seminars

OPNS • Belgium

OPNS manages infrastructure, security and storage, through dedicated software solutions. I've been involved in the development of:

  • Automatic speech segmentation in radiophonic streams
  • Music segmentation and tagging
  • Unsupervised advertisement detection and segmentation

Nessa • Asia

Nessa has created a world’s first: an hearing aid that can be calibrated from a tablet. Actually, it sells with a tablet! For Nessia, I developed a

  • Calibrated hearing test based on natural sounds.

Alterface • Belgium

Alterface develops, markets, and implements interactive entertainment and/or "edutainment" solutions for theme parks, family entertainment centers, and museums. I've been involved in:

  • Audio processing
  • Sound and music design

Mildberry • Belgium, UK

Mildberry specializes in consumer branding, corporate brands and retail branding. I've been involved in:

  • Startup of a sound branding activity at the London and Brussels branches.

Glow Dreaming • AU

Glow Dreaming helps children naturally fall asleep & sleep through thenNight. I've been involved in:

  • Sound design for hardware sleep product.

Hatch Baby • AU

Hatch Baby explores new ways to make sleep magical for babies, adults and everyone in between. I've been involved in:

  • Sound design their next generation of audio engine, using programmatic/generative sound design.

Panasonic Avionics • AU

Panasonic Wellness Solutions are proving popular inflight tools with airlines as they look to enhance passenger wellbeing. I've been involved in:

  • Designing in-flight entertainment contents for well-being and anxiety management.

Medical Sensory Solutions • Australia

Medical Sensory Solutions designs and creates innovative medical products to help improve our day to day lives.

  • Speaker-compnesated pink noise design, based on natural sources.

Pronovem • Belgium

Pronovem provides services in the Intellectual Property field, especially for the drafting, filing and prosecution of patents, and for the registration of trademarks or models. I provided:

  • Audio expertise in the context of a patent application

My Ear • Singapore

My Ear promotes and sells hearing aid solutions in Singapore

  • Joined the development team of a portable audiometric testing device

EMMA HBC • The Netherlands

EMMA HBC provides health and beauty-care solutions. I've been involved in:

  • Development of audio simulation files in the context of the No Noise earplugs

Kendal • The Netherlands

Kendal manufactures customized protection devices. I've been involved in:

  • Measurements of earplugs attenuations.

Nirvana Fitness • Slovenia

Nirvana is a blend of uplifting music, simple to follow pilates/yoga exercises and rhythmic breathing to detox the body & experience the Nirvana mind.

  • Theoretical sound technology / Integration of binaural beats concepts


ATP is an organisation based in London that has been promoting festivals, concerts and records throughout the world. I've been involved in: