Never climb on top of the unit.
-Roland MC-303 Owner's Manual
Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon, research engineer & sound designer

Downloadable Patches for the XV/XP/JV Synthesizers

  • Files are Type-0 Standard MIDI Files.
  • Patches are compatible with XV series, XP-80/60/50/30, and JV-2080/1080/1010.
  • File INT_00.MID contains 128 patches using internal waveforms only.
  • Files SYN_01.MID and SYN_02.MID require the SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth expansion. Since SR-JV80-04 was introduced before the JV-1080, they feature patches updated for the new synthesis and effects capabilities of the newer JV, XP, and XV-series. Patches marked (*) are modified versions of the original Vintage Synth patch set. Patches marked (%) are new patches.

Caution: Loading these files to your synthesizer will replace your User Patch data. If you have User Patch data you wish to retain, please consult your owner's manual for instructions on saving your User Patch data to disk, card, or via MIDI.